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Due to many years of experience in creating many national and international BMX tracks, Schijf is the ultimate contractor in renovating your existing BMX track or preferably your new BMX track.

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From World Champion to development and renovation of local and official K.N.W.U. and international U.C.I. BMX tracks

The official definition for BMX is  Bicycle Moto Cross and is originated in the U.S.A.

Started for fun, cycling with high speed combined with extreme altitude jumps on tracks developed for motorcyles, this sport became official Olympic in 2008.

This is probably the reason why recently there is a huge amount of requests from local governments throughout official K.N.W.U. and U.C.I. channels to build new tracks.

Practiced by children and adults on several levels, this explosive and skillfull sport has gained a huge amount of enthousiasts over the last years.

Due to the professional BMX career of our director Teun Stam we exactly know how to develop and create the most optimal track according to your wishes and official specifications.

This experience & knowledge combined with supreme equipment and materials makes Schijf BMX tracks the preferred partner to co-operate and join forces with!

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